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Dragonmage 2 by Robobotnik
Dragonmage 2
Much better.

Proportions are much improved compared to the last sketch, and I'm very happy with the result.

Once again the character in question is my friend Quin's property.
Dragonmage Concept for Friend by Robobotnik
Dragonmage Concept for Friend
A quick concept sketch for a friend's character, a dragonmage.

Somewhat annoyed at the proportions, but will rectify in a future piece.
Ninja Princess Concept 2 by Robobotnik
Ninja Princess Concept 2
Second attempt at my new character.

Tried to have less of a Taki look and go for more of a DoA look.

Still not 100% on this design, but currently I like it a lot more.

As an aside, if her left arm looks faded that's because my have was on that side of the paper too long, which made the paper a little moist.  This meant the pencil wasn't coming out as strongly as the rest of the image, but I tried to compensate.

Also, some gripes, I had no idea what to do with her left arm, aside from the pencil issue it took me a while just to make it look right at all.  Second, why do we have feet?!  Seriously, I find feet the hardest part of the human body to draw, and I have no idea why!  Blargle D:

Anywho, hope you like
Ninja Princess Concept by Robobotnik
Ninja Princess Concept
An RP concept.

Not too happy as she looks too much like Taki from Soul Calibur, and I only wanted moderate inspiration from the character.

Set to moderate maturity as I can see the design being flagged as nudity, when there isn't any, just playing it safe atm.
Demon King Ganon by Robobotnik
Demon King Ganon
The last of three posts today, may have more in the future.

This is my favourite sketch so far, not sure I've put so much detail into a pic previously, and am very happy with the result.

This is a sort of redesign of Ganondorf from Hyrule Warriors (my current favourite look for the well as Zelda, Impa, and Sheik), though the only real changes are to his midsection, featuring new pig faced armour based on his fave from the artwork to A Link to the Past.

In truth, part of what aided my was using some of the promotional art for Hyrule Warriors as reference, so a lot of credit goes to Nintendo, Omega Team, Tecmo Koei, and Team Ninja for doing such a great job with the characters in Hyrule Warriors (it's also a fantasy game).

The image used for reference if this particular one:…

The pig armour is based on various demon face armours I've seen in games such as Liu Bu's in Dynasty Warriors 8 and Yoshimitsu's in Tekken Tag Tounament 2.

Only part of the drawing I don't like is his left hand, struggled to get it looking as good as it does.

Ganondorf and all Legend of Zelda related characters are property of Nintendo.
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When did that happen?!  And how?!

Wow, reached a landmark and have been doing naff all to reach it, this calls for some art, so will get on that tomorrow!


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Matthew Hartley
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi everyone!

Welcome to the DA page of a Brummie born Welsh half breed named Matthew Hartley. Here you will find my various worked of varied quality, ranging from crap, to not quite so crap!

A lot of my work is character design based, often with the intent of making a game or comic that never happen, though this is partly due to lack of talent, though I do try at least.

Although I've been bad mouthing my own work here, I do hope you enjoy it. I'm still learning, and am in need of retaking old lessons, but I think I've still got something to show.

I started drawing when I was very young, influenced by video games, cartoons and comics, mostly Sonic, and grew from there. These days I think my inspiration is still heavily built on those three aspects, though I love visiting galleries when I get the chance, and love water colour and impressionism.

Lately I've mostly been sketching, and have had less work coming onto my page, but we'll see what happens.

I'm also involved in a movie review web series with my oldest friend David Healy, called Sofa Reviews.

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